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Health and Self Care

Can you spot the healthy picnic?

As a healthy school, we encourage and teach the children about how to make healthy choices. In reception class, we begin to learn about 5 main ways to try and live a healthy life:


  •  eating and drinking healthy food
  •  regular exercise 
  • sleeping well
  • low screen time 
  • and finally...doing things that make us feel happy! 

In addition to these 5 points, we also learn about personal hygiene - such as washing our hands before food or flushing away a tissue if we have a cough or cold. We learn about the importance of brushing our teeth and not eating too much sugar to keep our teeth healthy. 


In reception class, we also have to take care of our own belongings and make choices to take care of ourselves. This may include being able to get dressed independently or zipping up our coat on a chilly day! On hot days, we need to remember to have extra hydration and therefore need to be able to fill our water bottle each morning. 

At snack time, we all enjoy a piece of fruit or vegetable and a drink of water or milk :-)