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Geography field trip

On the 17th of May 2016 , Years 5 and 6 enjoyed an educational field trip into Worcester to look at the River Severn. We spent the whole day outside of the classroom but learnt a lot about rivers and canals in Worcester. For the first part of the day both classes boarded a train into Worcester and then we walked to the cathedral. We were very fortunate  to have the opportunity to speak to the volunteers who care for the rivers and canals of Worcester, they taught us lots. After that we walked to a wall which told us about all the different heights the flood reached over the years. When we had finished that, we drew field sketches of the view we  saw of the river and the bridge. Next we went closer to the river to test how fast the river flows. We did this by throwing three oranges into the River Severn! We had to measure ten meters then time how long it took for the oranges to reach the ten meter mark. We then walked back through the train station after a fun yet tiring day in Worcester.

By Clara and Rosemary