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Dorm inspection results

Golly gosh! Inspector Allen, Inspector Pickering and Inspector Drinkwater worked hard during their dorm inspections! See the picture below for scores!


There were so many good points in store for us behind closed doors...

 + Towels neatly hung up on pegs

 + Beds neatly made with ALL the sheets on

 + Bags organised neatly

 + Shelves used sensibly

 + Clean and tidy rooms

 + Teddy bears snuggling on beds and keeping guard


But there were also a few areas for improvement:

 - Towels stuffed (hidden?) behind beds

 - Trip hazards (hopefully not to catch the Inspectors unaware)

 - Teddy bears looking terribly uncomfortable in all sorts of positions and even suffocated beneath sheets...

 - Bed sheets not actually on the bed

 - Misaligned shoes

 - Boy smells