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Day 5 - Second day at school

Here are a few pictures from our second day at Mabawa Primary School just to give you an idea of what we've been doing - enjoy! Click here to read today's blog.
Picture 1 One of the cheeky monkeys at breakfast time!
Picture 2 Reception class learning to count.
Picture 3 A chicken being prepared for our lunch.
Picture 4 Our first English lesson at Mabawa.
Picture 5 First recorder lesson with Standard Four.
Picture 6 Classes can have more than 120 children in!
Picture 7 Monica came to visit us!
Picture 8 Cooked cassava for children at playtime.
Picture 9 Gymnastics - can you see the gymnast in the air?
Picture 10 Children also performed songs and danced for us.

An English song the children danced to...

Still image for this video