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Daily Phonics/Spelling


At school all of the children in year 2 would usually take part in a phonics/spelling session every day for 20 minutes. The Department for Education is going to be providing some daily online phonics sessions for Reception and Year 1. These sessions will mostly benefit children from Mrs Amott's phonics group, however, if other children want to join in too for a bit of a recap then they can.


Alternatively, if you are interested in doing some spelling work each day I have provided some spelling activities,  worksheets and games that can be done to help the children to learn their weekly spellings.  You can find these below along with a letter to explain the phonics sessions that will be  running from Monday 27th of April. 


Dear Key Stage 1 parents,

Please find attached two letters with information regarding daily phonics sessions that will be available from Monday 27th April. These sessions will be set as 'Suggested work for this week' challenges for year 1 on some days, but will also be available every day on the link if you want to continue with the daily sessions the children would usually be involved in at school.  
Children in year 1 and year 2 take part in daily phonics lessons at school to help them with reading, writing and spelling. 
Most children in year 1 should be able to join in with the 10:30am session. This will follow the sequence they would have done at school and will continue to cover phase 5. 
If your year 1 child is finding these sessions tricky,  they may want to join in with these alternative sessions:
11:00am  Additional practice blending and segmenting simple sounds so that they can read and write simple words.
10:00am A recap of trickier sounds they may have already learnt in reception but need a bit more support to remember. During these sessions they will also practice blending and segmenting to help with reading and writing. 
For children in year 2 who do phonics with Mrs Amott each morning, they could join in with the 10:30am session where they can do lots of recap on phase 5. This should help them to build confidence in their reading and writing and to make choices about which grapheme (letter or letters) to use when they spell words. 
We would like to thank Mrs Allen, our literacy co-ordinator for finding such a great resource that will enable the children to practice and retain their phonic knowledge. 
Thank you for all that you are doing to support your child's learning at home.

Please take care and stay safe, Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Dobson and Mrs Drinkwater  


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