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Bits and pieces!

Around the hotel

Light wheat flour doughnut-type breakfast buns
Chapatis (delicious with honey)
Lots of fresh fruit
Can you spot a mongoose or two?
Look very carefully!
Can you see an animal sheltering from the rain?
A hhuugggeee snail...
It's as big as our hands!
Do you know what type of tree this is?
A clue - look closer and spot the fruit.
We had some for breakfast.
The hotel is nice - particularly the lovely grounds which look out over the Pacific Ocean. In Tanzania there are often power cuts so sometimes we are in darkness! There is a swimming pool which is lovely and warm - warmer than our shower which is quite chilly! There are lots of birds, monkeys and insects to look at which is lovely to see!

A delicious meal with Mabawa teachers

A very popular Swahili meal with Changu fish.
Look at the fish's teeth!
Two bigs teams were playing football on TV...

Torrential rain!

Still image for this video

School bells - How do you think they work?

The bell at Chumbageni School
A different type of bell at Mabawa