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Autumn 2

Walk Like an Egyptian!

Our topic this half term is all about Ancient Egyptians. We will be learning about where the ancient civilisation was located and who the Ancient Egyptians were. There will be an opportunity for us to discover more about Ancient Egyptian inventions and even have a go at making some ourselves!

What's more, we will be finding out about Pharoahs, archaeologists and much, much more. We'll have opportunities to record our learning in all sorts of different ways - keep your eyes on our class page to see what we've been up to!

Pharaoh Death Masks!

During our learning about Ancient Egypt, we investigated Egyptian masks and discovered that they were used for two purposes - as ritual masks and death masks. When a Pharaoh died, their body was preserved by the process of mummification and a death mask was created in the likeness of the deceased so that the soul knew which body to return to. We've had a go at creating our own pharaoh death masks using papier-mâché. Have a look below at us in action!

Christmas Lanterns

We have been lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Christmas Lantern procession during the Malvern Christmas Festival this year. Some lanterns experts came and spent the day with us at school and helped us to create some fantastic lanterns. We hope you can come and see us take part in the procession!

Mummifying tomatoes!

During our Egyptian topic, we have learnt about how the Ancient Egyptians used to preserve the bodies of the deceased. The wealthier people used the process of mummification to preserve the bodies. We learnt about this and then had a go ourselves at mummifying tomatoes!

RE Week

During RE Week, we learnt all about who Christians believe that God is. We spent time reading Bible extracts, studying the inside of Churches and listening to some worship songs. After this, we designed our own stained glass windows, wrote some worship songs and painted a representation of God for the class display. Have a look below at what we got up to...