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Autumn 2

Christmas in Year 3


Yesterday we had a brilliant party day and enjoying doing lots of fun things. We did some colouring, played some games, made our own wrapping paper and had a go at some puzzles. Thank you for all bringing in your food! We had a lovely lunch before our disco in the afternoon. We all had a great time dancing!


On Thursday, we all made our own snowmen! You can find some pictures in the links below. We also made some calendars which we will be sending home for you to enjoy some of our lovely artwork.


We've had a really busy half term and are all looking forward to a rest but we can't wait to get started on our new topic after Christmas!

Year 3 Updates


Year 3 have had a busy few weeks, with lots to update you on.


Over the past few weeks we have been learning all about light, electricity and sound: Last week we enjoyed making our own instruments out of bits of junk. Thank you for sending in so much stuff for us to build with! We've also had a go at building different circuits and using a range of components in them.


We've now finished our swimming lessons for this year and have a had a lovely term swimming at the college. We had lots of fun and look forward to swimming again in Year 4.


In our English lessons we have looked at lots of different poems and had a go at writing some of our own. Some of them are on display in our classroom for you to have a look at! We've now moved onto explanation texts and have enjoyed writing about how things work.


We're also still practising all our songs ready for our Carol Concert next Monday. Don't forget to come along and see us sing!


Keep an eye out for updates about Spring 1 - We'll be announcing our topic soon!

Maths (Shape)

From out of the shadows


Our topic this half term is all about light, electricity and sound. We will begin the topic by looking at light and how it travels. We'll also be drawing some reflection diagrams and investigating shadows.We'll be looking at electricity and how it works and building circuits to help us with our understanding. Later in the topic we'll looking at insulators and conductors and investigating how these work effectively. We will end the topic by looking at sound. During this part of the topic we will create our own musical instruments! Year 3 are looking forward to another exciting topic!