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Autumn 1

That's Life!

Our Autumn 1 topic is That's Life with a Science focus. We will be starting off with fossils and considering the characteristics we inherit from our families. We'll also be discovering some of the key figures in the fields of paleontology and evolution.

After that, we will be thinking about how humans develop and change as well as how living things adapt to their surroundings. In addition, we will be finding out more about how our bodies work - the heart, digestive system and circulatory system!

Playground Leaders

This term we started our 'Playground Leaders' scheme. We have been working with Miss Hopkinson on Wednesday mornings to learn some games to play with the younger children at break and lunch times. We've absolutely loved this - here are some photos of us in action!

Charles Darwin

We learnt about Charles Darwin and his 5 year voyage on board HMS Beagle. After looking at some of the species that he discovered, we set off on our own hunt around the school grounds to see what creatures we could discover. Have a look at the pictures of what we found below!