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Autumn 1 - Window on the World

We're going to be learning all about several different regions and countries in our world including Tanzania, the U.S.A, Brazil and several others. We'll be finding out what each region or country is, what it is like, who lives there and how the local people live. We'll be studying the geography of each region or country and hope to produce some beautiful art work. We'll also be thinking about history and politics as we find out about the North Atlantic slave trade and black history. In computing sessions we'll be conducting research, creating ebooks and communicating with Mrs Allen while she's actually in Tanzania - isn't technology amazing?
Have a look at some of fantastic learning logs for our Window on the World topic...
In Art, we learnt about South American artists. We then used clay to make clay monkeys. Have a look at our creations!
We have been learning the parts of the body in French. We did this by writing the names of the body parts and then sticking them on each other!
In Art this half term we are learning about a new South American artist each week. To start, we learnt about Joaquin Torres Garcia who painted pictures split into tiles to remember things which were important to him. We had a go ourselves, have a look at the result...
To help us remember Roman Numerals in Maths, we used lollipop sticks to create different numbers and calculations...
We launched our topic by creating large informative posters about either South America or North America. We learnt about the countries in each continent, the major cities, as well as the physical and human features. Have a look at us in action!