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Autumn 1

Science Morning


Year 3 were lucky enough to have a science morning with Mr Jones. He bought in lots of exciting equipment and we had a lot of fun experimenting and exploring!

Tanzania Gift


This half term we have being doing some artwork to send with Mr Jukes and Mrs Allen on their trip to Mabawa Primary School in Tanzania.

Order, Order!


This half term we have been looking at how democracy works both in school and outside of it. We began the topic by looking at Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and the effects of discrimination. We then moved on to looking at the importance of having a voice within democracy and held our own class debate on whether or not we should wear school uniform. You can find some photos below! Next we looked at what makes a good leader and will be using this as part of our end of topic project. We will be making our own political parties, complete with campaign materials and policies, ready to hold our own election at the end of the half term. It will be a great opportunity for us to put everything we've learnt so far about democracy into action.

Spirituality Week


We started this half term with a week dedicated to spirituality and well being. We began the week with an assembly on what spirituality means and then spent some time in our classes exploring some different elements of it. Year 3 looked at:


  • Connections - We spent some time thinking about who and what we are connected to and made some connections trees.
  • Listening - We played some listening games and thought about why it is important to be a good listener.
  • Faith - We thought about what faith meant and who we had faith in.
  • Wonder - We looked at some different wonders of the world and thought about what makes them wonderous. We then did some drawings of some of our favourites.


We were also lucky enough to visit Worcester Cathedral. Whilst we were at the cathedral we learnt about some of the important signs and symbols around it, made some prayer stones and were given a tour of the site. In the afternoon we did some sketching of some of our favourite parts of the cathedral.‚Äč When we came back to school we made some line drawings from our sketches which are now on our RE display along with some of our prayer stones.