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1960s decade

This week our focus has been an arty one! It was hard work, but by the end of Tuesday afternoon we had all created our own line drawing of something iconic that we see everywhere nowadays. Some of us chose Wii remote controls and some of us chose Mars Bars or Cadbury's Creme Eggs. We listened to lots of different music from the Swinging 60s while drawing. We've now finished our line drawings and have begun to add colour - check back here soon to see our finished Pop Art creations!

On Wednesday we learned a little about how life in the 1960s began to change. We used old photographs taken in Britain and Jamaica to see how life compared in the two countries. We realised how fortunate we are now and how difficult life back then might have been.

Today (Friday) we were lucky enough to have a visitor who brought in lots of items and memories from the 1960s. We had so many questions for her that the time flew and we were nearly late for celebration assembly! Ooops! Huge thanks to our visitor from all of Year 3.