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Meeting to discuss Behaviour and Zoneboards

Meeting to discuss Behaviour and Zoneboards  1 KS2 School Council met on Friday 17th March

Key Stage 2 School Council Learning Walk - The focus for the learning walk was to observe how children learn and the learning environment. Take a look at the photographs. Report to follow.

School Council Meeting - Thursday 20th October 2016


Members of the school council met during the morning of Thursday 20th October. Year 6 and Year 3 representatives were unable to attend due to being in Llanrug and other commitments in school. 


The members discussed the following items: 

1 - Membership and responsibilities 

2 - Personal Achievements 

3 - School Grounds

4 - Ongoing building works

5 - Thrive

6 - Plans for next meeting.


There will be a School Council meeting on Friday 4th November 2016.    

Malvern Parish Primary School 


School Council 2016-17

Year 1 - Woody & April 

Year 2 - Reuben & Neive 

Year 3 - Elias & Katie 

Year 4 - Ben & Eva 

Year 5 - Ned & Annie 

Year 6 - Jack & Ana 


The first meeting of the school council will be held w/b Monday 10th October. 

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