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Welcome to the PTA!


All parents are part of this wonderful organisation and we hold lots of events throughout the year. We aim to raise some extra money for the school while having a fun time with friends and families.


If you would like to help, or if you have any questions or ideas, then please don't hesitate to approach us.


The current core committee is:

Chair: Pauline Jacob

Vice Chairs: Kirsty Sinton and Holly Burton

Secretary: Tracy Yolland

Treasurer: Helen Rea


Class reps:

Year R: Jenna Allchurch and Audrey Williams 

Year 1: Helen Rea and Alba Cusworth

Year 2: Kirsty Sinton, Tracy Yolland and Holly Burton

Year 3: Sam Van Schepdael and Audrey Williams

Year 4: Kirsty Sinton, Tracy Yolland and Jenna Allchurch

Year 5: Audrey Williams

Year 6: Lian Holden and Pauline Jacob



One easy way to raise funds for the PTA is to shop on-line. Please log on following website and make your purchases via this page with your normal retailer and they will make a contribution to the PTA.
There are thousands of retailers to choose from and they will all help to raise funds for our school.